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Increasing chances with a love interest December 18, 2006

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I revisited this spread and it gave me a very unexpected set of cards.

This is a total contrast to almost every reading I have done about me and my ex in the last six weeks. It is also in contrast to the previous reading in this diary, which I just did, which I found very confusing.

If anything, I was hoping for a more negative reading to straighten my head out, as I received an email from him yesterday saying he enjoyed spending time with me, and I have been thinking about it ever since.


1: Me: The Sun. A ray of sunshine! Energy, hope, optimism, happiness, rationality, good times with friends.
2: Him: Two of Wands. Restlessness before change. ‘Wait and see’. Collaboration, the end of the first stage of something. Transition, business partnership, a joint creative endeavour. A new outlook. Take charge. Wait for the answer.
3: How does he see me? Six of Pentacles. Generous with my time. Grants and prizes (this is applicable). Helping others.
4: How does he think of me? Page of Wands. Optimism, leadership, new ideas, exhilaration, passion for things, new friendships or relationships.
5: How does he feel about me? Ace of Cups. A new emotional beginning. Emotional renewal. New feelings. Tender feelings. A new relationship or the revival of an old one.
6: What are my chances? Ace of Wands. New life. New beginnings, innovation, optimism, confidence, enthusiasm. Use the energy at your disposal.
7: What can I do to increase my chances with him? Ten of Swords reversed. The worst is over, move on from the period of hurt and sadness. Improvement lies ahead.
8: Outcome/advice: Knight of Wands. Sudden changes. Approach sensibly, don’t be rash. Get professional advice and follow your head rather than your heart.

As I was shuffling for this reading, The Star also popped out.

This reading is overwhelmingly positive and I have not had this kind of reading about my ex before. I did get a reading showing the Two of Cups for us, and the Ace of Cups for me, which relates to me and my hanging out and then me getting together with another guy the same evening, before getting an email from my ex saying he missed me. Before that, I had had a Three of Swords the same day my ex first emailed me asking to hang out. So these cards are all emotive for me and I was interested to see one of them pop up again.

I have reasons to be cheerful and good times ahead; I should concentrate on being with my friends.

This is the second time in two days I have had the Two of Wands for him. I think he is thinking ‘What next’ and may be reconsidering his options after a period of change.

He sees me as generous with the time I have devoted to something we are both involved in which is based in money and finances.
He thinks of me as passionate and determined, I think he maybe admires what I have been doing.
The Ace of Cups for his feeling is overwhelmingly positive, so much so that I am a little nervous in interpreting it for what it is. Perhaps he feels I have a new love interest in my life, rather than him feeling he loves me or something like that. (Had this card been reversed I would have thought maybe HE had a new love interest… I am not sure… it is one of the three options though).

My chances seem good. A card showing new beginnings is positive – and there are reasons to be optimistic. I can increase my chances by moving along into a happier stage and not dwelling on the conflict we have been through.

There are sudden changes ahead and I must be careful to act sensibly. Perhaps this card also suggests getting counselling.

It’s a rushed interpretation but I will be thinking a lot more about that Ace of Cups…


Lovers Spread (Heart Shaped, 13 Cards)

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This spread is taken from here. I did not really like the cards I got with it…

Person A_____|_____ Person B

1: The best hope for the realtionship: Two of Pentacles
2: What the relationship is based on, it’s root: Six of Swords
3: What I like most about him: Three of Pentacles
4: What he likes most about me: Five of Pentacles
5: What I dislike most about him: Five of Swords
6: What he dislikes most about me: Five of Cups
7: My best trait, that I bring to the relationship: Nine of Swords
8: His best trait that he brings to the relationship: Nine of Cups reversed
9: My worst trait, that I bring to the relationship: King of Swords
10: His worst trait, that he brings to the relationship: Queen of Swords
11: My hopes/fears for the relationship: Empress
12: His hopes/fears for the relationship: Heirophant
13: The most possible outcome: Page of Pentacles

Best hope: a balancing act, division of joint resources, go with the flow, give and take.
Based on leaving troubles behind. Going with the flow. The beginning of a tranquil period after stress; relief from suffering.
I like: his talent, organisation, hard work and perfectionism.
He likes: The way I cope with stress?? I know that’s not true. An unclear card. Clarification: Justice. A fair settlement, rationality, apology. I will come back to this.
I dislike: His insensitivity, one-upmanship, negative thinking, deceit, destructive behaviour.
He dislikes: Anxiety over separation, mourning, separation, inability to focus on the glass being half-full instead of half-empty.
My best trait: Concern for others’ suffering?
His best trait: An ability to put others first? Patience in waiting for his wishes to be fulfilled?
My worst trait: Out of touch with my feelings or disregarding other peoples’ opinions. (Thankfully my book gave a negative aspect to this card).
His worst trait: Ignoring his feelings. Aloofness, ‘head over heart’. Going it alone at the expense of emotional expression. (Card: is there anything I can do? Three of swords. Heartbreak… or more literally, cut a few more ties?)
My hopes/fears: Healing, marriage, sexual relationships, successful results of hard work.
His hopes/fears: A platonic relationship. Moral development.
Outcome: Something to do with education, finance or paperwork? Clarification card: 4 of Pentacles. Financial security.

And now for the analysis.

Our relationship is currently based on a period of rest after stress.

I like his talent, hard work and perfectionism. His best trait is patience and selflessness. I dislike his negativity and destructive behaviour. His worst trait is to be aloof and neglect emotional expression. I can encourage emotional expression by cutting a few more ties with him and making him feel a little heartache.

The cards for what he likes most about me are confusing. Five of Pentacles and Justice. Perhaps that I am trying to be rational despite feeling very sad.

He dislikes my pessimism and perhaps this is directly related to the split; my mourning could be off-putting for him. My best trait is my ability to comfort people when they are distressed (or perhaps comfort myself). My worst trait could be my inability to consider his opinion.

The best hope for the relationship is through flexibility and acceptance – ‘going with the flow’ – which could lead to a positive financial relationship or some outcome to do with financial stability.


Using Psycards for another tarot reading December 11, 2006

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I decided to do a loose three card reading on whether the cards saw a man coming into my life. The LWB insists these are not a fortune telling device but I wanted to try some tarot with them anyway.

I placed the inquirer at the top and underneath I drew The Home, The Puzzle and Fortune.

The Home: domesticity, security. I notice there is a little white cat on this card, like my little white cat.
The Puzzle: The courage to make a decision even if you are not entirely sure you are right.
Fortune: “The Fortune card is reminding you about your special path in life. Maybe you can’t see the steps but it suggests your destiny, good luck, and your guardian angel.”

Fortune is telling me to trust that things will be OK. Perhaps the Puzzle card is saying I will have to make a choice between more than one guy, or maybe between a guy and something else. Maybe the Home card is suggesting security, or maybe my home is somehow important in me meeting this person, as it is the first card in the spread.


Relationship-relationship with Psycards

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Him: The Warrior
Me: No
Situation/connection: The Home

There is a potential for him to disregard my feelings for the sake of achieving a goal. He could be rough and insensitive. Maleness? A tarot reading I did two days ago gave my ex’s future as the two of cups. Perhaps this card relates.

Me: A need to stop and think about something.
Situation: A secure and comfortable environment.

Se perhaps the Home card is literal… he is going to ask to meet me in my home. And perhaps I need to tell him no because he will be insensitive. (There is a white cat on ths card – the only reason he would ask to meet would be to see my cats).

Wow, a good reading – let’s see what happens.


First Psycards reading

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Past: Cause and outcome. Now, No.

I was too hasty in making big decisions, I was perhaps too optimistic about something I am learning I should have been more careful about things in future, or will, as a result, be more cautious.

Present: Cause and outcome. The Fool, The Sage.

I have been in a period of renewal and new discoveries, but I must now rely on wiser people to help me move on.

Future: Cause and outcome. Prison, The Puzzle.

My future could be influenced by a situation or person that is trapping me. I must take a chance on uncertainty and try to break free.


The 7 Hathors Spread December 5, 2006

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1. Your Masculinity/Femininity: The Star
(What personality traits should you have as a man or woman in order to be more sensuous, sexy or appealing.)
Hope, inspiration, luck, harmony, creativity, a sense of direction, education.

2. Your Beautification: Ace of Cups
(What cosmetic, hygienic or fashion sense should you do in order to project a great image onto the world and to improve your self-esteem.)
Water, new love.

3. Your Health: Five of Swords
(What concerns should you have about your nutrition, fitness or sleep patterns in order to have a more harmonious, sensual and sexually appealing body.)
Negative energy

4. Your Spirituality: Two of Cups
(What mental attitude you should take or metaphysical concerns you should have in order to become a positive person so you can live life to the fullest.)
Sharing, warmth, attraction, partnership, co-operation, harmony, union.

5. Your Sexuality: King of Cups
(What concerns you should have in your love and romantic life or sexual activities. If you are in a relationship, it would help you improve bonding with your lover. If you are not in a relationship, this will help to teach you to become a perfect lover for your future mate. This position is suppose to be fun. It is an equivalent to having a sex therapist or a sexually experienced friend teaching you the ways of amour.)
Compassion, elegance, maturity, wisdom.

6. Your Creativity: Justice
(Hathor is the goddess of the arts. It is advised that you learn an art to increase your sensitivity of beauty and to help you feel emotion. You can pick dancing, painting, poetry writing, acting, learning music or cooking. You can add gardening, flower arrangement, crafts, scrapbooking. Whatever you do it must be creative or involves the arts. And you must do it daily or biweekly! The card picked will tell you what you should to do in order to improve your sensibilities as an artist.)
Balance, money management.

7. Your Socialization: King of Wands
(The joy of life is sharing it with others. This card tells you how to relate with family, friends, associates and strangers in order to make a positive impact on them so you can have good memories about each other in the future.)
Livliness, wit, charm, courage, independence, negotiation, activity.

Increasing femininity; the star could simply relate to my career as a performer or perhaps ‘following a star’ – feeling inspired by things and having the energy to follow up ideas.
Beautification: no idea. Drink more water?
Health: Don’t cheat yourself out of eating well and exercising – don’t see these as bad things.
Spirituality: embrace the idea that you will love and be loved again and don’t become bitter.
Sexuality: Again the King of Cups appears…
Creativity: no idea…
Socialisation: Organise meet ups with friends, be comfortable in their company and don’t be scared to be a lone female.


Increasing chances with a love interest

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I did this spread again today. I wanted a general reading on the situation with me and my ex, and this seemed like a nice all-purpose spread for it, despite the name.

1: Me: Strength: Self confidence, self discipline, willpower, non-violence
2: Him: Eight of Swords: Trapped, isolated, stuck in a rut, boxed in
3: How does he see me? Ace of Pentacles: Financial good fortune, beginning of a business venture, prosperity, sexual fulfillment – generally a favourable card for “tangible physical reality”
4: How does he think of me? Page of Pentacles: Education, patience, persistance,
5: How does he feel about me? Tower: Collapse of an old way of life, major transformaton, trauma, surprise, unavoidable change, aggression
6: What are my chances? Ace of Wands: New life, energy, new experiences, fresh ideas, innovation, optimism, confidence, drive, creativity
7: What can I do to increase my chances? Seven of Wands: Hold your own, a position of advantage, courage, self-confidence, conflict, struggle
8: Outcome/advice: Four of Swords reversed: Renewed action, resume activities. Avoid isolation, loneliness, illness

The cards show me gaining confidence and feeling more assured of my own independence. Even though I may feel weak, I am in control and need to remember that. He is in a worse position, possibly feeling dissatisfied and lonely – swords being words, he could feel he has nobody to confide in.

He sees me as getting on well with life, and I think someone has told him I am thinking of quitting school, as his thoughts of me revolve around study and education. The Tower suggests he is aware of the drastic changes that have come about since we split up. Maybe he feels I was a changeable or agressive person?

The Ace of Wands, a fire card, shows potential new beginnings of some kind. As this is not a Cup card, I’d be inclined to think that this is going to be some kind of inspiration that is going to help us start to talk again.

To increase my chances, card 7 suggests sticking with what I am starting to achieve: rely on my own self confidence. These cards have strikingly similar messages, although the Seven of Wands is more outwardly defensive, so perhaps this card is telling me to project an image of strength as well as developing my inner strength slowly.

The outcome and advice card seems aware that I have been isolated and feel I may be getting ill; I think this card wants me to write some emails about my school and job situation and not let these things drift too far.