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A new lover November 24, 2006

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A spread taken from the book ‘How to use tarot spreads’ by Sylvia Abraham. For reference I used my favourite guide, mostly: ‘Tarot Plain and Simple’ by Anthony Louis.

Will there be a new relationship for me soon? King of Cups: Compasion, care, healing, good advice, a mature, emotionally stable person, a good friend, a man in touch with his emotional life.
Interpretation: Yes, I think the King of Cups is a slightly older man, quite emotionally wise, perhaps someone who starts off as a friend or who cares about my healing.

What sign will this person be? The Fool: Sagittarius – a fire sign.
Interpretation: Could also be Leo or Aries as they are also fire signs, but the card seems specific.

Will we be compatible? Knight of Cups: Romance, a proposal, a new love, seduction, kindness, empathy, sympathy, romantic young men. Positive emotional news.
Interpretation: Another court card in the cup suit suggests we have a good chance at compatibility.

Will this be a lasting relationship? Ten of Pentacles: Family support, sound advice, prosperity, happiness. Signifiant financial change.
Interpretation: There will be some element of financial security or family support.

Will this person be my soul mate? Page of Cups: Birth of new emotions, love, warmth, attraction, comfort, kindness, a love letter, new feelings, starting a new relationship. Healing.
Interpretation: The third male court card in the suit of cups! It is a good sign, Page cards can represent rebirth so perhaps I will feel refreshed and will revise my idea of what a soulmate is – perhaps it will be the rebirth of an existing friendship.

What is the outcome of my desire? Five of Pentacles: Poverty, loss, disappointment, sorrow, uncertainty, depression.
Clarification: Queen of Swords reversed: A domineering or vindictive woman, sarcasm, bigotry, betrayal, manipulation, loneliness, bias.
Is there anything I can do to prevent an unsuccessful outcome? Two of swords reversed: Avoid indecision. Avoid stalemate situtions.
Interpretation: A nasty woman could get in the way of our happiness. I need to make sure I act on any arguments as soon as they arise.

The cards see a kind, emotionally aware and slightly older Sagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 21) man coming into my life. Possibly another fire sign, like Leo (July 23 – August 28) or Aries (Mar 23 – April 23).

He may be a caring friend that I already know. We will be emotionally compatible and want the same kinds of romance. The Ten of Pentacles could mean we are going to move in together or become financially linked. It seems to generally suggest a stable and happy home life. The Page of Cups indicates a soulmate but, as the fish leaps from his cup and surprises him, this may be different to my previous idea of a soulmate. Since Pages can be associated with healing, this could help me move on from painful memories of someone I thought was my soulmate before.

Unfortunately the cards predict an unhappy ending with the influence of another woman to blame. This woman is vindictive and manipulative. Or perhaps I am the Queen of Swords and could behave badly and drive us apart. To avoid the breakdown of the relationship, I should avoid being indecisive, and try to settle matters as soon as they become a problem.

For fun, I drew a card at random from the deck spread on the floor. How long would it take to meet this man? The four of cups – cups equalling days accoring to Ms Abraham. Four days?!


2 Responses to “A new lover”

  1. What a neat spread!!

    I certainly wish you the best in a new love entering your life!!

    Mama Kelly

  2. cherrytarot Says:

    i thought it was worth posting the outcome to this spread.

    the king of cups appears to be an old friend/ casual flame who re-entered my life this weekend. his birthday is coming up in the next two weeks i think (in which case he is a saggitarius! as the cards predicted!). he is four years older than me but is a friend and there is no potential for romance. not emotionally wise but he is emotionally honest.

    i would say the knight of cups relates to secuction. we are compatible in the sense that we do not want a relationship to develop.

    the ten of pentacles could suggest that our relationship will centre around spending money which would make sense.

    will he be my soul mate? no. not sure what the page of cups is telling me. comfort and healing could be appropriate. it is more likely that it will be “the rebirth of an existing friendship” as i said.

    the outcome being sorrow – i must be careful not to become to attached as there will be another girl in the picture.

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